The Beekeeper - vacuum tube guitar preamp by Tubesteader
The Beekeeper - vacuum tube guitar preamp by Tubesteader
The Beekeeper - vacuum tube guitar preamp by Tubesteader
The Beekeeper - vacuum tube guitar preamp by Tubesteader


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The Beekeeper is a hand-built guitar preamp in a pedal, featuring two vacuum tubes running at high voltage.

Its design is inspired by the famous ODS circuit, usually associated with the signature sound of many legendary guitar players. As a result, Beekeeper has a sparkling clean tone, which is gradually pushed into a smooth, rich, and touch-sensitive overdrive as you crank up the gain. 

There are several ways to integrate the Beekeeper into your rig: it can be connected to the other pedals on a pedalboard, into the front end of an amp, or directly into a power amp or FX-return input. 

The Beekeeper is a very “amp-like” pedal and responds accordingly. It’s not just a simple “stomp and go” pedal - some exploration is required to reveal its true potential. Spend some time with it and you will be richly rewarded!


BEEKEEPER - User manual V1.1

Technical Details:

The Beekeeper is operating off a standard 12VDC voltage. This voltage is boosted inside the pedal up to 280VDC for the proper operation and the best performance of the vacuum tubes.

The topology of the Beekeeper consists of the two cascading channels, “stacked” on top of each other. So the “CLN” channel is also a part of the “OD” channel. And the amount of overdrive can be managed not only using the OD control but also through the effective use of the CLN_VOL control.

The EQ and the toggle switches are located right after the first gain stage, so they are affecting both Clean and OD channels at the same time. 

As the tube preamp consumes much more current compared to the regular effect pedals, Beekeeper comes with a high-quality wall-mount power supply.

All of our pedals use mechanical bypass switching, keeping your guitar signal unaltered when the preamp is bypassed.


Input Impedance: 


Output Impedance :

< 10K
Vacuum tubes: 12AX7 (ECC83)
Power requirements: 12VDC / 500mA

Power connector:

barrel 2.1mm, center negative.


Die-cast aluminum


4.7"x5.7"x1.38" (120mm x 145mm x 35mm)


1.7 lbs (800 gr.)