The Tubesteader is a Montreal-based workshop creating vacuum tube guitar pedals.

Our designs are based on the most sought-after tube amps and producing a very close re-creation of their authentic sound.

The Tubesteader pedals feel and sound just like a good tube amp. Compact size, low weight, versatility in the signal chain, standard DC-voltage power, fair price - just to name a few of the advantages they deliver. And in the heart of each Tubesteader pedal, there is a vacuum tube operating at the proper high voltage.

We enjoy hand-making pedals in our workshop, each one built and tested mindfully. Our credo is simple - when you get a thrill out of your tone, you play better. Designing each Tubesteader device, we are always seeking the tone we love. The tone that would inspire us and make us want to keep playing.

I hope it will do the same for you.

Olly Balan - founder/designer.